Hubris - I feel thy sting...

Well, what can I say.

My battle with Multiple Myeloma and the after affects, has brought up my first big scare.

Yesterday, I went to the ER with a 103 fever and labored breathing. If it weren't for some pesky women insisting that I go to the ER (and not wait for an appointment) it could have been much worse.

Kaiser got me in, took blood and x-rays right away. Then they put a bag of fluids in me, as well as an initial dose of anti-biotics.

I am taking DOXYCYCLINE for the pneumonia, and I am feeling MUCH better today.

This is a setback, as I was getting fairly good stamina from the gym. Not that I can't get it back, but it will take even longer to get back to my pre-cancer levels of stamina.

And we are having such lovely weather outside, I am a bit pissed that I can't go out and enjoy it.

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