Star Trek

I was lucky enough to go to see Star Trek at a IMAX theater. Good movie, though watching it in hi-def IMAX may have been too much of a good thing.

All the actors have bad skin, and IMAX puts their face in yours. I love my wife, but I know more about the new Kirk's facial quirks than hers.

It does take away some of the movie magic when the story line gets overtaken by the visuals (the whole pourpose of the IMAX experience). If they could have done something with the interiour shots and extreme closeups in non-IMAX, then the other, outside scenes in IMAX, that would have been great.

I do remember that actors (and especially the actresses) are wary of hi-def TV for the same reason: Stagecraft and makeup are not up to the standards of the new hi-def cameras yet.

It is like the "talkies" and "color" all over again. At some point it will find a happy medium.

Gotta go, feeling hormonal (heh, I like that)

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