Still not focused on blogging...

Just been scampering around, seemingly doing nothing, but getting some things done.

The bathroom remodel is 98% done:  I can shit, shave and shower in one room!  The door needs to be replaced, and a threshold put in, but it works!

Went to the BMT reunion @ COH.  Had a nice time.  Sat with two other old guys that also had Multiple Myeloma.  We swapped stories (never trust a fart), gave advice (LOTS of water for cramps), and made each other feel OK to be surviving.

Didn't see many kids this time, which doesn't tear me up as much.  Old guys with cancer don't phaze me... Kids with cancer rip me open.

After that we went and had the Daddy - Daughter dance at Acacia School.  Had a good time, and only Caitlyn destroyed her dress with chocolate.

A busy life is a happy life.

I guess.

gotta take a nap - with the dogs.

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