Grrr... Time Warner Cable internet frustrates Blogger

Here at the mansion, we use Time Warner Cable for our data. Usually, it works well enough. However, a few times an hour it just *stops*.

A note on how I surf: I go to a site like Instapundit or Ernie's, and read and open up a bunch of links all at once. I often do this while streaming radio broadcasts at the same time. Now, while I launch the web sites, the buffered streaming media keeps going... but the browser comes up "connection interupted" or "problem loading page" or "The connection was reset". The stream keeps rolling (it's buffered), but the sites come up missing.

It happens with just me surfing, with the wife surfing alone (who doesn't surf like me at all), and the kids trying to play on

No rhyme or reason.

I did try the online help, playing e-mail tag with a guy... somewhere... and that was a waste. Since it has been happening for months, and intermittently, I suspect that it will be difficult to diagnose. You know how it goes, "Hey it's down now... oh, up... wait ... wait... wait... ITS - oh, it's still up... loading... loading... loading... DOWN!... Up? UP! Oh, loading... loading..."

Esh, it's enough to frustrate a guy.

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