Disneyland and some thoughts...

Went to Disneyland and DCA today. Hot, somewhat crowded, but fun. Walking around, some things continued to annoy me.

  • Old people, new tattoos: It has been my opinion that tattoos are for combat proven Marines and drunk sailors on leave. Pirates too. Not for 60 year old grannies who think it's cool. If you are over 25, forget it. When you turn 30, get them removed.
  • Tattoos of things you have no clue about: Asian characters? No, they really mean "I have stinky bummy!". Bentley Car emblems? No, you don't even qualify to clean the upholstery in one. Sports team? Hope they don't change their mascot, logo, or location.
  • Old guys and rat tails: Dude, you are old. Act respectable and people will respect you. Rat tails belong in the hills of West Virginia... waaaaayyyy back in a 'holler!
  • College team wear: Did you go there? Being a fan is one thing, but to have your whole family with Texas Longhorn clothing, bags, and shoes is just a bit much. If you realy went there, you may not be so proud...
  • Raiders fans: What can I say? Bud Lite is their koolaid, and boy, do they drink koolaid!
  • Fat people on ECVs (Electric Convenience Vehicles): Get off your ass and walk. I used an ECV twice last year. Hated every second of it. Be healed! Walk your ass off! That's what Disneyland is for!
  • Kids with games: If my kids bring a game to Disneyland, it would go under a train... PAY ATTENTION TO THE WORLD AROUND YOU! You may learn something.
  • Adults with iPhones or Crackberrys: See above.

That should keep me calm for a day or so.

Gotta go, a Woot off is going!
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