Busy, busy, busy...

Well, not really.

After the 4th of July party, I usually take a few days to unwind. I sit back, drink left over beer, and eat leftover food. Which means, that I have a real weird few days... Loren's dump cake (ZOOM!), cold beer (WHAM!), baked beans (BLAST!).

So, it takes me a few more days to get all systems running straight, it is worth it!

Just before the 4th I did go up to LA to retrieve something that has been missing for almost two decades. I got a post card from LAPD and they had recovered a .45 pistol that had been stolen from me in the early 90's.


Paperwork, applications, phone calls (bla-bla-bla) and I finally got to get it at Parker Center (LAPD HQ) on July 3rd. Great time to get it too... it was a bureaucratic holiday, so there were hardly any people around, and I found a parking spot right away. The desk Sergeant was clueless, and I wasted 15 minutes going where I knew I wasn't supposed to go, but I did the dance and got the .45 back into my trembling hands.

Eeesh, it was in dreadful condition. Covered in silver finger print powder, rust oozing out of the cracks and crevasse, even the Pachmayr grip was messed up (BTW, Kudos to them , they are sending out a replacement part for the bronze medallion that is missing).

So, I spent 2 hours cleaning it myself, and I did an OK job of it. But it needed to be stripped down to the individual parts and seriously eyeballed. Jan Merson, of American Firearms and Gunsmithing did a great job of doing that for me. Can't say enough about the guy. Got the 'ol .45 up and running and it looks and feels just like old times!

Excuse me, I gotta go admire my new (old) toy...


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