A challenging day

Long day.

The sandblasting guys came by this morning. Taped up the windows, moved things around, and made a hash of things. Had to keep the dogs cooped up in the house during their prime play time. I also took them to school to pick up the girls. They were all out of sorts today.

In chatting with my neighbor, he got his test results back and found out that he has a brain tumor, and will be operated on next week. They don't think that it is a bad thing, but hey -- it's a brain tumor.

Annie called after dinner, and Bernard is pretty bad. They expect him to pass in the next few days. Kristin went up to see him, and he was somewhat confused and not all there. Apparently, the cancer roared back and his liver is failing. Not much time at all.

My minor complaints of being tired and a sore foot seem to fade after this one.

Gotta give myself a foot rub and get some sleep...

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