One Done Tree

I have been busy doing other things that have kept me away from blogging. With the passing of Bern, it was rush-rush-rush, get the house ready, get the girls ready, get me ready, help out Kristin when she needed to get ready, keep the dogs in control, coordinate the contractor, go to the doctor (twice), keep an eye on the girls, clean up after the dogs (inside and out) and try to eat, sleep, and be a gracious host to the family.


Last night, Kristin and Jenna went and got the last tree from Lowe's (a $7 deal ) and we decorated it with a lot of help from Harriet. Apparently, Doc and Neil are of the Grinch persuasion. I offered her egg nog and pine tree decorating, and she went for it.

I am beat. Goodnight.

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