Tip to pollsters...

When you call me in the evening, here are a few tips that may help you:

  1. Have someone that speaks un-accented English.  This lady had a heavy accent and it was difficult for me to concentrate while I was semi-translating what she said.
  2. Have it quiet in the background.  Background noise also is distracting - ever hear of cubicles?
  3. Read the script slowly.  It was obvious that she was reading from a script, they all do.  However - read it at a moderate pace.  I know that you get paid by how many of these polls you do, but when discussing complex issues like Prop.32, take a breath between the first and 32nd line.
  4. If push polling, actually discuss the issue.  Again, whenspeakingtoofasttheinfodoesn'tsinkin.
I don't mind getting polled, but please, make it somewhat enjoyable.

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