Yep, I'm hacked...

Since I can't trust the GOP to stop the pile of crap "(government) stimulus bill" in the Senate, and I can't trust the California GOP from increasing taxes, I am seriously thinking of changing my party affiliation.

This comes as a disappointment to me, as I can remember that I sided with Ford when I was in the 5th grade, dogged my history teacher in the 7th (he was a draft dodger), and created a name for myself throughout college as a conservative Republican.

But when the media voted for McCain, and worshiped "The One" into office, and the respectful Republicans rolled over (as they were told to do by everyone in the beltway), they betrayed my trust.

My concern is that we have entered a brave new world of "the third way". This is the way of the fascist of Europe, Mussolini, Franco, and yes, that other guy. The world of government owning or "partnering" with publicly held companies to work together for the good of all. Decisions are not made in the board room, but out in public. Labor unions are encouraged, so that the workers have a voice in the means of production. The public health is taken care of by the state in an efficient manner.

All things are political because the state is all things.

What does this mean for me? Move out of state? Move out of the country? Nah, just hunker down, buy ammo, and prepare for the inevitable stagflation, increase in crime, and social unrest. Thanks for uniting us, our saviour Obama.
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