Why has blogging been light?

While I don't find the act of blogging challenging or hard or even obligatory, I do need quiet.

I think that we have finished up the bathroom remodel.  I am about 99% sure of it.

Remember when I said it would take 3 weeks?  Well, it finished in 14 weeks.

Yes, it came out Gorgeous!  Thanks to the design insights of Leslie Kristen interiors, and the construction magic of Sunny Cal builders, it came together very nicely.

With construction happening, concentration takes a hit.  Not that I actually hover over the guys, but there is someone in my house creating havoc.

So, we went from this:

To this:

Was the time and effort worth it?  Yes.

The shower is expanded, and will accommodate me and a seat better in the future (if needed).  We have two sinks.  We have enough light to illuminate Pluto.  And we have two things that only a guy would appreciate:  A silent fart fan and a toilet that flushes like there is no tomorrow (that thing goes BOOM when you flush).

Two adults can actually get ready at the same time!

The colors are not those I would have chosen right off -- not that it is a problem.  Leslie K. Trasport has an eye for these things that we normal people don't have.

Thom of Sunny Cal builders worked super hard to sweat out the details -- and got them right on.

So yes, I am happy and most importantly, Momma is happy.

Now to get ready for summer vacation...

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