Clark Clifford Republicans

Clark Clifford Republicans

I loved the American Spectator back in the day when it was something of a throwback manifesto... LARGE tabloid pages, olde tyme illustrations, and great writers like Ben Stein and P.J. O'Rourke.

Then came Clinton, format changes, and work overload.  I lost interest.  It just looked like a rabid right wing magazine of generic quality.  While I certainly didn't like Clinton, they were just nasty about it.  Subscription lapsed, and I didn't miss it.

Zoom forward to today, and I read a GREAT article (online) about "Clark Clifford Republicans" and how they are working against us behind the scenes.

Seems like they work to keep the machine buggered up, while promising to "fix" it for us.  For a price.  Because it is buggered up.  For a price.

I like the end, where there is this quote:

And it's very safe to say that when the day comes that the next Republican President and any Republican Congress that served with him or her leaves office, these people will have a few questions:• Is the federal government smaller than when you took office? How many Cabinet Departments did you eliminate? How many federal agencies did you eliminate? How many government regulations did you eliminate? How many federal jobs did you eliminate? How many federal employees did you cut from the federal payroll?

Great questions for the debate tonight... and NO, none of those questions WERE asked, nor will they be.  Ever.

Gotta go unfurl my Gadson Flag...

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