Quick trip recap

Went to Carson City, visited my Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma.

They are all well as can be expected, but the merciless drum beat of time keeps beating.

Bob and I went on "Jim & Bob's Big Adventure" and had a great time.

Travel was almost uneventful.  Lost my kool reading glasses on Southwest airlines.  TSA terrorized my 7 year old by putting her in a glass cage and checking her for explosive chemicals... except that since she is 7, her daddy had to be scanned for explosive chemicals (good thing I showered after going to Cabela's).  Oh, and the 8 year old saved her water from Aunt Pauline's house and stored it in her carry on.  THAT had to be checked for explosives, too.  As if the back-washed teddy grahms didn't give it off.

Oh, a new philosophy came about "The hardest part of herding girls isn't keeping them from killing each other, it was stopping myself from allowing it".

The Vegas layover was as crappy as I expected.

Glad to be in OC.

Gotta take a nap...

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