Quick reflections on the race for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...

Yesterday's disastrous speech is followed up today by a new amnesty program by fiat.  Evolving positions on homosexual issues gets followed up with evolving on marijuana laws.  

Seriously - this is October surprise level stuff...

I have never seen such a desperate grasping for straws this early ever.

Their internals must be bad and getting worse.

He has had a disastrous last few weeks, with each attempt to divert the conversation on to Romney backfiring on him.  The sharks are smelling blood in the water.

I have heard the theory that it will either be a squeaker or a crushing defeat, depending on whether they can cheat out a win in Florida or Ohio.  I think it may be a crushing defeat.

Honestly, I thought that a Chicago thug politician would be better than this, but that is why it is called "second city".

If this desperation continues, how much longer before we see the Latino housekeeper come out to say how horrible the whole family is (Hello - Gloria Allred - are you working on this?).

Could this preference cascade end up sealing the deal before the conventions?

Just a few thoughts...



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