Quick update

BMT doctor said that I am still OK, and I had an appointment with Dr. Lee and he said that all the tests are still OK.

Cramps - Still happening, and they kept me awake a few times recently.

Thyroid - They changed meds on me.  Not the amount (still 100 mg), but the manufacturer.  Have I seen a difference  Yes and no.  They want me to retest in a few weeks to make sure.  However, I am getting some weird hot flashes and stuff.  Joy.

The Back - Had a bad day Sunday... So bad that I cut our trip to Disneyland short (after riding Radiator Springs Racers).  It started in the middle of the night.  Must have slept funny.  Two days of "on my back" it seems like all has reset... for now.

Still looking for the magic bullet when it comes to the cramping issue though.

Gotta go run kids...

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