Thoughts a few days later...

Evil people, insane people, will always exist. You can not legislate that... EVER. If you think so, you are one of them.

What we need are people that are not afraid.

Not afraid to defend, not afraid to offend, not afraid to act.

More sheepdogs, fewer shepherds.  When it takes the police 20 minutes to respond AFTER someone starts killing, someone is just negligent   

The old joke is that I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy truly applies here.

What ifs:

  • The principal had a gun: Only the Mom would have died.  They are insane, but they are still afraid of other people... especially the ones with guns.
  • We had no guns in the USA:  Nutburger would have used a machete, ampho explosives, or even a sharp stick to maim, mutilate, or kill.
  • A responsible parent, security person, or staff member was designated as armed security: see above.
  • Nutburger, being identified as dangerous, put into an institution (like pre 1970 America): nothing, just treatment.
  • Nutburger saw the "gun free zone" sign and turned around:  Ya, right.
Putting bans on guns (due to aesthetics , magical devices to safe or track the gun, or preventing the sale of ammo does nothing to secure our most vulnerable in society.

Gotta go to lunch...

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