Quick update

Tuesday: Biopsy - went well.  They used a drill this time, and that was weird, feeling the bone rattle.  Was it painful? YES.  How does it feel?  Hard to describe, but kind of throbbing, burning spread over a wider area than before.  Results in a few weeks.

Wednesday: Cleaning house for 4th of July.  Grandma came over and we visited for a while - pretty good for 90.

Thursday: Independance Day!  Usual party, great time.  Fire pit was well received, as were the S'Mores we made.

Friday: Water? What water?  The main water line for the block blew out and we were without water for about 8 hours.  No showers (much needed), no clean up of the kitchen (I use a lot of water there) and no laundry.  Really a down day.  By the time it got up and running, we had no inertia to do a darn thing.

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