The VA is what you get with Government health care.

For those who are not following the horrific treatment of our retired and wounded soldiers, here is a quick version:

Bureaucrats that can not process life sustaining treatments to our veterans cheat the system and "officially" report short wait times.  In the meantime, they have a secret "off the books" waiting list that they are really using - with wait times much, much longer.  They report the shorter times to the higher ups, then to Congress, and everyone is happy.

Unfortunately, the vets are still waiting for treatment, and some have died waiting for those treatments.

Yes - this really pisses me off.
Yes - it is criminal, reporting false data to Congress.
Yes - vets are dying and Eric Holder sees nothing wrong.

In the last 15 years I have been in plenty of hospitals (not all for me) and the VA in Reno is one of the "best".  It was scary going in there, and would not pass any inspection I would do there.  I don't know if they fall under the Joint Commission's jurisdiction, but it would certainly get a bad review.

The Washington DC butt covering is truly disgusting.

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