Internet trails and tribulations

Well, I diagnosed the problem with my internet connection as being my router, like the fith one I have killed over the years.

Next was the browser. I use Netvibes as my home page. I find it hugely helpful for keeping all of my interests in line. For example, I can scan all my wood working sites on one page and see if there is anything new. Same with politics, gadgets, H1N1 flue, guns, social media, comics, family stuff... get the picture?

Well, FireFox 3.5 (+) doesn't work nice with this. Don't know why, but it just slows down, then locks.


So, I now am using Chrome from Google. Works just fine. Bookmarks are not as easy (I have hundreds of bookmarks too), and I have to open each bookmark individually instead of "open all", but I will get used to it.

So, we shall see. Since I have the thought process of a gnat anymore, any breaking of my thought stream can have severe consequences...

Hey, there is a squirrel in my yard!

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