Health update

Well, I am feeling OK at the moment.

My toes and now my fingers are getting a bit numb, but that comes and goes. Doctors think that it is from the Thalomid and not a new tumor (like last time).

Thyroid seems under control, but I can get manic sometimes (hey, a clean house! hey, are-you-done-wearing-that-I-have-to-do-laundry! letscleanthekitchenagain!) . I do sweat while sitting in front of the computer posting on the blog, so go figure.

My back still does the wiggle when I stand up straight and still.

I am still overweight, and that isn't going away.

Muscle cramps are still common, but I think it has to do with my calcium intake -- two or more 600 + D chewables does the trick.

Esh, gotta go get my hair cut.

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