The dam has broken...

OK, BHO gets the Nobel this morning.

What. The. F*#%.

BHO was in office for 11 days when he was nominated and voted the honor. That is 264 hours.

Again: What. The. F*#%.

Since he was nominated this is what he has actually accomplished:
  • Divided the nation along racial, economic, class, political and just about any other line there is. Riots? Soon.
  • Halted the growth of the economy (did I mention how many commercial properties are vacant locally?). Obamavilles? Soon.
  • Increased the debt to levels that are absolutely mind boggling. Taxed up the wazoo? Soon (if not now).
  • Started the long and painful retreat from our engagement from the middle east. We are still reaping the bitter cop of failure from our disengagement in South East Asia. Killing fields in Iraq and Afghanistan? Soon.
  • Tanked, and utter gutting of the U.S. dollar. Hyper inflation? Soon.
  • Trashed our standing in the eyes of our allies. Poland under the Russian boot? Soon.
  • Nationalizing the health care system and working to change a center right nation to a left leaning nation that is permanently dependent on the state for bread and circuses. Currently in process -- Sooner than later.
While I try to not sound like a raving loon, Obama is so far left, that even some of his "independent" supporters must be scandalized at some point. Kids singing his praises in class and on TV, constant cooing from the press, and absolutely fawning of world "leaders" like Kadafi-Chavez-Akmadinizad all add up to a picture of a personality cult larger than Stalin's.

These are the things he has accomplished. What is to come? Nationalized industries. Gun bans. Ammo bans. Culture wars. Class wars. Just waiting for the next "crisis" for him to exploit to his advantage.

What amazes me is that he (and the Congress he rode in on) haven't actually done much. They have the votes. Just do it. Perhaps it is because they know that they are so far out that they may actually fear the center right nation that they now run. Thank God.

Gotta go rant at the yard for growing too much last night...

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