Health update for October 6, 2009

Sunday they took 7 vials of blood from me in preperation for...

Yesterday I went to see my Bone Marrow Transplant doctor, Dr. Kogut. While my white blood cell count is low (normal for someone who has had a transplant and taking Thalidomide) , everything else is OK. He doesn't need to see me for another 6 months -- and that's good.

He did mention the need for a bone marrow biopsy. Crap.

And, on Sunday, I twisted my back raking the back yard, and I am now getting those very uncomfortable back twitches that I had before I was diagnosed. Yea, it has me a bit worried.

Other than that, I am feeling quite well. I am continuing my quest to become Jaba the Hut (I am 274 and gaining). Excersise consists of getting up adn getting some frozen M&Ms. Mm Mm Mm!

Gotta go, I think a chocolate chip just escaped from the fridge...

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