Initial observations between my Palm Pre Plus and the new Droid 2

Old and busted: Palm Pre Plus on Verizon

New hotness: Motorola Droid 2

  • Droid is biger, it won't fit into a pocket.
  • Android has many more apps than WebOS
  • WebOS is a superior operating system
  • No problems with the Droid 2 keyboard yet
  • No touchstone charger for Droid 2
  • Droid 2 GPS works -- Pre plus doesn't (most of the time)
  • Droid 2 seems faster
The big things I liked about the Palm Pre were the charging system and the operating system. It was just that the damn hardware was lousy. Keyboard troubles, battery troubles, reliability troubles, wonky GPS, all kept me in fits. It was nice and slick, which meant that it slipped out of my (peripheral neuropathy) fingers easily. People stopped making apps for it months ago, and some have even stopped updating the ones I have.

Great try, Palm, but you needed a follow up fast, and you failed.

Still refuse to go the way of the Apple.



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