Medical Update

Checked in with Dr. Lee today. Despite a small snafu with the blood draw (it expired, I forgot to get it done), all is well on the cancer front.

I came away with a few instructions from the good doctor, some of which may sound familiar:
  • Keep up with the Calcium, to REbuild my bones
  • Loose weight to relive my compression fractured back of any stress
  • Remain aware of the peripheral neuropathy in my fingers and (especially) toes
So, I am happy that I remain, the same.

I asked if my long term prognosis improves with time. For example, if you survived breast cancer five years ago, you are pretty much in the clear. Not so with Multiple Myeloma. Every day you play the lottery, and every day you loose (not get that 1:1,000,000,000 prize) you win.

Constantly hovering over my head is this inescapable fact: There is no cure.

At this moment, I am happy to be living in a cease-fire instant between my life and death battle with this monster.

And so, good news is: I am in pretty good shape -- but pear shape isn't what I should be.

Bad news is: As with all things, this is a fleeting moment that could vaporize with a bad result coming out of one of the eight vials of blood they took today.

Other than that, I had a nice day, sat outside with Mom and killed some time, had a Philly Cheese steak for lunch (hey - it has calcium rich cheese), and enjoyed a remarkable warm, sunny day.

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