An e-mail I sent to a friend...

I sent this to a friend - who I shall keep nameless unless they want to speak up - about Obamacare.  While not fully fleshed out, this and other postings will illuminate my opposition to this horrific piece of legislative excrement.

While I agree that if EVERYONE had insurance, it would be better, Obamacare isn't the way to get there.

Here are two articles that came up today:

Important paragraphs:
Studies consistently predict that around four million people will lose workplace coverage as a result of ObamaCare, despite the fines imposed on businesses that don't offer insurance. But the most recent analysis from the Congressional Budget Office says the number could be as high as 20 million.
And a study out this week by Deloitte finds that almost one in 10 businesses expect to drop coverage, with another 10% saying they weren't sure. A 2011 McKinsey & Co. surveyfound that 30% of companies "definitely or probably" would drop health benefits under ObamaCare.
BUT, the IRS specifically can not use classic IRS collection techniques - thus you can flaunt the law up to the point that you are crippled, then get coverage... without penalty!  So, this law is screwed up from the get-go.

Also, the effect on individual practitioners (like you would go to, Kaiser works diffrently) can be horrific.

He fears medicine will morph from a profession advocating for patients into a trade association advocating for physicians, and he proposes market-based solutions.

There are solutions to the problem, but no one is brave enough to propose them...  My solution?  Deregulation!  No, you don't have to take everyone into your hospital... NO, you shouldn't have to birth a child for free... NO, companies shouldn't pay for insurance (this is a leftover from WWII price and wage freezes).

Yea, I am a bit of a crank on this.

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