Why I don't want BHO reelected part 2

In a post today, I mention that there is a new treatment path open to me, should the cancer come back.

In BHO's world, I would have to go to Congress to get this new treatment approved for use... at a Congressional pace.

  1. Convince someone that it is a good idea.  Not my doctor, not Kaiser, not my wife... but some bureaucrat or (most likely) a politician at the national level (Senator or House member).
  2. Get on the calendar.  Along with all the other novel treatments, I will be heard (eventually), in order.  Oh, and there will be no doctors on the panel.
  3. Get funded.
  4. get the bureaucratic rule writing done.
  5. Await implementation so my insurance (assuming that we were able to keep Kaiser - a "Cadillac" plan) can fund it through the government protocols.
  6. Get treated.
Oh, the fun we will have.  Retaining lobbyist after lobbyist, flying to and fro for hearings, calling, e-mailing, waiting, and ultimately... not getting treated.

Yes, all my well being will come from that swamp that was mostly filled in, Washington D.C.

I need to take a pill...

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