Amazing that this comes out after the election...

The report states that several regions of data gathered for the Department of Labor were...FAKED.  And not just "Oh - we couldn't get enough people, so we continued the trend" but "We got this number because it was a good number!"

This has created two major problems:

  • The fake data boosted unemployment from 8.1% to 7.8% in one month - the same month that there was widespread conjecture about an incumbent President never being re-elected with unemployment rates above 8%, and
  • Vital government statistics that the world, Federal Government, State governments, businesses, banks, The Fed, the IMF are... FAKE.
If you want to ruin a country's reputation, you do this kind of political manipulation (for favor of the ruling party). Think China or Venezuela.

Now, government statistics are suspect, and no one - with any certainty - can truly tell which way the economy is going.

This is truly banana republic stuff here...
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