I blame the Angels!



Sports fans may be more prone to gorging on food--and putting on the pounds--after their team loses, according to a study.

According to the Wall Street Journal, "powerless fans may also find themselves losing self-control after a loss, including the ability to say no to a giant plate of nachos."
The publication cites a study by "Yann Cornil and Pierre Chandon of the European business school" that found that "saturated-fat consumption spikes by 16% for fans after the loss of a beloved NFL team. After a victory, fat consumption goes down by 9%, and overall calorie consumption by 5%."
That study was published "online in August in Psychological Science, looked at intake data from American households in 2004 and 2005 during the NFL season":
"There's research showing that when something good happens to your life, you're more future-oriented," says Mr. Cornil, who studies the link between consumer behavior and obesity. "So if you have good news and you feel good about yourself, you want to keep feeling good about yourself, you have an increased motivation to follow your diet, exercise, to go to the gym." Feeling bad elevates short-term goals like scrambling for comfort food."

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