Yes, it's over 80 degrees here. We broke out the "hillbilly hot tubs" and splashed around for a while. Still a bit breezy, but it is a warm breeze. Oh, how I pity those back east, or even up north (Gart and Gina). Yea, it's earthquake weather, but I can deal with that.

Of course I am working on the computer, sorting through thousands of pictures. Downloaded a program to sort through and find duplicates, and I had 7669 duplicate pictures, in 3009 groups. That is out of 18060 total pictures. Boy, that's a bunch.

For Christmas, I got the Kodak Zi6 hi-def camera. Pretty cool, basic, and so far, rugged. I took it on Grizzly Rapids, and it survived. It does poorly in dark situations, but I expected that. I will upload a video and see how it works.

Have Fun!

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