Update of the day

OK, so the clamoring of hate mail asking "what's new?!?!?" has reached a zenith, and I am responding.

Actually, I doubt that any one is actually reading these posts anymore, so here goes.

I am doing fine. Need to loose weight ( somehow the doctor recommended increase in caloric intake expired all over belt line), need to get moving and flexible again, and work on my chemo brain.

With the new year I can eat mostly what I want, but I need to go on a diet. What a crux. I actually had a salad last night for dinner, first in months. I can now expand my meal options a bit more, and concentrate on eating less of those expanded options.

In other news, Christmas has come and gone, Santa was VERY generous to the girls, and myself. We had a visitor, Mr. Skunk, who occupied the crawl space under the house for a week. Holly shamoly, did that stink. He left on Christmas day, but left the damage for me to fix up. He thrashed two screens that covered the underside of the house, I reinforced one, and need to repair the other today.

As per a recommendation of a good friend, I put mothball crystals under the house to keep him away. Now the house has a whole new flavor!

Just can't win.

The girls need a new keyboard and mouse, because, while they light up, they don't actually work. Perhaps Dad will get a new keyboard and mouse, and donate his old one to the girls.

HAIR UPDATE: I know, everyone LOVES my bald, lumpy head. Sorry, it's cold out and I'm tired of shaving it. Not only that, after I shave it, it feels weird. Weird like, it is somehow not a part of me, just a patch of leather on the back of my head.

Anyway, it's coming back in, dark on the top, grey on the sides. My aunt thinks it will come in curly. Joy. One thing is for sure, I have no male pattern baldness to worry about. Other body hair is coming back, somewhat itchy though.

Well, that's enough for now, gotta go console my wife, who is watching her Pen State team get beat by sUSC.

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