Bad back...BAD!

Well, not as bad as what dumped me in the hospital a few years ago, but twinges and twangs of flashback proportions.

The problem is thus:  Collapsed vertebrae damaged nerves, healed wrong, keeping those nerves dangerously close to bone chips ( chips that healed where they fell).  Most of the time I am OK, but then a peculiar twist or bend "twangs" the nerve bundle.  PANIC.  I shut down for a few days, overly cautious and super paranoid that I will have to use the GD walker again.  I eat, get fat, and exasperate the back problem with new stresses.  Repeat.

Yesterday, it hit me as I was getting out of the car.  Luckily, I had gripped the door handle as I was transitioning from sitting to standing, or it would have been ugly.  It took me a few moments to get my hips under my back and settle myself down.

Not fun.

I will crash for a bit before Kristin's birthday bash (ok, just going out to dinner).

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