Not happy with WOOT.COM

Big fan of, but no more.

Ordered my Dad, his friend, and myself teeshirts off of Shirt Woot.

I even did expidited shipping.

No joy.

Here is the note I left on their blog:

Ordered overnight, still have not received it. 

Waste of effort. 

Waste of time. 

Waste of $35. 

Earlier in the week I even sent them an e-mail, and got this back:
Your email to Woot Member Services has been received. This is an automated reply.
Your request has been assigned Case # W-999157-K6FC.
As you might expect, we receive a fairly large volume of emails. This reply is sent from our case assignment system to indicate your position in the queue has been reserved. Our staff works Monday through Friday during normal business hours in an effort to keep response times under 24 hours. However, on weekends, response times will be delayed until the start of the work week as our staff is not in the office. Please be confident that we will respond and resolve your issue in a timely and efficient manner.
Thank you for your support,

Ya, right.

It was a cool shirt, too - one perfect for Dad and Tony.

Oh, well.  If I am around next year, perhaps we can use it then.

Gotta go to mass now...

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