RIP Christopher Hitchens

I have read some of his brilliant work online, and heard him several times on the radio... He was brilliant and yet didn't seem too full of himself.

I read this article recently, and since he too was dealing with cancer, it held special meaning for me.

Trial of the Will

Reviewing familiar principles and maxims in the face of mortal illness, Christopher Hitchens has found one of them increasingly ridiculous: “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” Oh, really? Take the case of the philosopher to whom that line is usually attributed, Friedrich Nietzsche, who lost his mind to what was probably syphilis. Or America’s homegrown philosopher Sidney Hook, who survived a stroke and wished he hadn’t. Or, indeed, the author, viciously weakened by the very medicine that is keeping him alive.

If I could write as forcefully and elegantly as he, my life would be complete.

Alas, as my wife noted tonight - Brain Jim work BAD.

Have a Dr. appt. tomorrow to have something looked at.  Rather apprehensive about it.


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