Confessions of a Counter-Revolutionary

Victor Davis Hansen gets it right again...

Am I a counter revolutionary?


Global warming: a scam.  If the solution is a big government program to tell folks to do what is counter productive - it is a scam.

Guns:  Yes, they want to take the guns.  Stop pretending that they don't, just look at the obvious...

Gay marriage  Seems like they want to define down what is normal... I made an oath in front of God, my church, my family, my community and interestingly some gays, to honor my wife, love, cherish, and protect her, and raise a family.

Are you gay? Fine - go and be excellent to each other.  I will leave you alone.  But by my definition of marriage, you don't fit the requirements.

Illegal immigration:  What part of illegal (out of the law - not in line with the law) do you not understand.

The economy:  Well, there is nothing happening now that I see that is positive.  Most of it seemingly by design.


Seems like I am counter revolutionary - does that make me cool now?

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