Fire Blogging

The fires still rage, and the big concerns are: wind changes, flying embers.

Last night my parents place was under voulentary evacuation orders. Today it is manditory. No reports of looters, and the area is easy to secure, with only two main (no minor) ways in.

Mom and Dad are hooking up with their neighbors who evacuated their stuff. Hopefully they will get their belongings back and go back to their house today -- but I seriously doubt it.

The winds are calm, but if the normal wind pattern returns, the embers from the front of the fire (west) will come right back at them.

This fire spread so fast, it skipped many areas, so if the winds reverse, it will just burn those areas. No chance of a controlled backfire.

Here in Fullerton, the ash is falling like snow. It is not even 09:00 and the temp is 78, with 21% humidity.

There is also the Brea fire, not as bad, much closer than the Corona - Freeway Complex - Triangle complex fire. This one is more contained, scorched the high school and a few apartments. This one also shut down the 57 freeway, causing even more havoc on the OC freeways. It took my dad (who could not be bothered to stop golfing) 3 hours to get here to my house after golf last night.

Time for breakfast -- since I started typing the temp has gone up 1 degree and the humidity has dropped 1%. Not a good trend for firefighters.

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