Yorba Linda fire (now called the FREEWAY COMPLEX FIRE)

I got the call to help my parents evacuate their house, and immediately jumped into the car and headed east.

The roads to the house were blocked, no one allowed in. I went over to the shopping area near there, where there is some high ground, and got some pictures of the fire. This fire started in Corona, at least 5-6 miles away. When I left, the fire had jumped the freeway (south) and was starting to tear through the apartments in Anaheim hills. That is picture 0018. When I left, the freeway was vacant, as you can see in picture 0029.
Picture 002 shows how the fire area when I got there. Directly in front is where my parents house is, looking due east, the fire off to the left and right (above the red pointed roof on the left). For those who know the area, I am at the El Torito restaurant in the Savi Ranch area. Luckily, the fire tore down the river bed ( center of picture 002) and didn't go up the hill. Another fire line went to the left (north) and that took out several large houses in the area above the Honda dealership near Yorba Linda and La Palma.

This is a fast moving fire, that has skipped areas and moved fast. Areas that were skipped are still in danger, embers are flying everywhere.

My parents are safe, as are their neighbors. Mom and Dad will probably stay here tonight, as the area is still an active fire area. Thankfully, their neighbors got into the house and evacuated some vital things, but at this point we don't know what that entails.

I am the point of contact for information, so go ahead and barrage me with questions.

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