Great video on an new lost segment of voters

I do love the Onion News Network, they tend to get to the bottom of things, while skewering the powers that be...

It does show that the pollsters run campaigns in a harried fashion, jumping from one demographic to another, loosing the overall cohesive message. They parse and weasel the message to make it appealing to the broadest group of voters, the heck with what the candidate's values are (assuming they have any).

I like it when they can tie everything together...

"LAW & ORDER" - prosecute illegals, prevent terrorism before it starts, appoint judges that won't invent law, and follow through. What do we get? Don't prosecute illegals, unless they are REAL bad. Set rules in place that prevent the sharing of information between the military, FBI, CIA, and ICE. We get the 9th Circuit court. We end up with a corrupted culture of "looking the other way" for minor offences and wonder why we have major offences out of control.

"FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY" - Watch the budget like a hawk. Don't spend the precious tax dollars irresponsibly. No pork barrel projects brought in by ear mark spending. What do we get? A federal budget that has NEVER gone down. Hey, how about freezing the spending? Hurt too many bureaucrats? Tough. What about the children? They got by fine without the government for thousands of years, next year won't hurt them (and may help them).

I could go on, but I have to take my meds...

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