Quake? Shut up and watch the movie!

Got to see my movie (a rare treat), and darn it, folks ruined it!

I guess there was a quake during the movie, yes I felt it, no I didn't care. I could tell it was close -- sharp P-wave with rumbling after wards. Did I get bothered, no.

Just like LA Story, I nudged Doc, said "what a 3.5 or so?"

"Possibly a 4..."

We returned to the movie. The family behind us was absolutely terrified. Honestly. I have never seen that. I told them to sit down, the worst is over, and they are in a VERY safe place.

They bolted.

Years of training has jaded me to the fact that sometimes these things do panic folks. It was just plain annoying being around amateurs.

So, we ended the movie with 5 people watching instead of 9. No loss. Had a great lunch at Brea's Best Burger, and came home. Not even a scratch to the house.


Good news / Bad news

Good news: I no longer need to take the stupid steroids.

Bad News: Still only 4 hours of bad sleep this morning. No, they won't give me a pill for just one night. I may try beer...

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