Recovery Day

Finished the last of my tests... for this week. The Creatine (sp?) involves 24 hours of urine collection and, yes more, blood tests. So yesterday I went to Kaiser and dropped off 2 jugs of my personal best, and they took 2 vials of blood. That's 24 this week. I have to go back Sunday or Monday for one more vial for my infusion appointment on Monday. My arms look like junkies.

To celebrate, I kidnapped the Schicklets and the Crumlets and went to Disney's California Adventure (DCA) for the afternoon. They had not seen the new Pixar parade, so we camped and waited for that one to go through. Big hit on that one: Jak Jak and his hair on fire! While waiting I sent Ashley over for fast passes to Soaring over California (late at 7:30, but we probably would still be there).

Next was the big event, Toy Story Mania. The 4D ride was a hit with all involved, and we all got keychain blasters for scoring our personal best! Nana and Papa met us in the gift shop and we went to diner at Pizza Oom Mow Mow.

Now, it has been one of my dad's life goals to actually eat one of those turkey legs off of one of those outdoor vending carts. Why? Perhaps it was something from his childhood that stuck with him, but he got one, and devoured it! Was it good? "I dunno, I ate it too fast!"

Clean up the kidlets, and off to Soaring over California. Boy, they like that. Jenna loves it when they check her height, and it shows that she is a big enough girl to go on. Afterwards, had just enough time for one quick ride before the electrical parade. What did they choose? Grizzly Rapids! I am not 100% ready for that one (soon, though) so it was an all kids adventure. Jenna actually made (barely) the height requirement, so it was her first time. They all got pretty soaked on this one, but had tons of fun!

By the time the Parade was done, everyone was BEAT. Jenna was carried out by Ashley (thanks Ash!) and we treked home. It's almost 9 and the Schicklets are still sleeping (Jenna gets up at dawn regardless).

So, today is rest and relaxation. Ahhhhhh...

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