Update of the day

I feel like I should ues the "Daddy Big Voice" when I post that.

Had lunch with my BFFs Brian and Mark. Had a big lunch, gave the girl a $10, shoved the change in my pocket. Got home an had $12! Love that new math.

Had infusion in the Chemo lab today. They pump in a drug called Aredia, pretty mild stuff (compared to the other stuff they pump in people there), and I don't seem to have any side affects.


I take my little non-ipod mp3 player and listen to all my songs. Usually I sleep, but the *#&$@ steroids were starting to kick in.

The girls were well taken care of by Grandma, and they were good girls. They went to the Arboretum, picked some tomatoes, and Caitlyn got bit by a chicken. It was payback for all the nuggets she has eaten in the past.

Tomorrow, I get to see a movie with my old professor, long time friend, and father of another BFF, DOC. I will let you know if the movie is OK or not.

Time for a sleeping pill, and cool down...

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