The Big Announcement is HERE!

Finally, progress on the Stem Cell front!

Received a letter from the City of Hope (COH) today with some appointments scheduled for me. Called them up, chatted with Jill L., the Nurse Coordinator from the Division of Hematology and Hemoatopoietic Cell Transplantaion (that took up half of her buisness card), and got some dates and info on my upcoming procedure.

First, I am gratefull that I passed all the tests and qualify to have this cutting edge procedure done so soon after my diagnosis. 147 days have passed, and I am on the slippery path to total health... I need to watch out.

Now the dull specifics.

13-August -- Classes at COH. New paitient information, consulting on the catheter, care and cleaning of the catheter. Also, how to inject myself with Nutropin. Joy.

21-August -- Chemo at Kaiser Lakeview. This is to jolt my system into making more stem cells. Yes, I will still have hair afterwards. This is baby chemo.

22-August -- "Pic Line" time. Get my catheter inserted. This is so I can hook up to the machines quickly to harvest my stem cells starting...

1-September --... daily at COH. I will be my own milk cow, being milked of my precious stem cells for my own sake. Drive up, hook up, chill out. Un hook, drive home, chill out. Just like a job, but with needles.

Once they get enough stem cells (at least 4 or 5? How big are they?) they will admit me to my own private suite at COH. Actually, it's only a VERY sterile room, but I can call it whatever I want! That will be either 12-September or 19-September.

Now you know my schedule. I will try to pack as much face time in between now and then with each and everyone of you, so be prepared!

More soon,

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