Earthquake Damage

Well, not exactly damage, but changes in my general environment...

The crack in the front porch closed.


Oh, and the gourds I have in the garage fell to the floor.


Here it is, a few days after the quake, and not only has life returned to normal, no one even talks about it anymore. Just another non event in our lives.

It shouldn't be that way. I am looking at some things around the house to "quake proof" and seeing that I have done a good job in keeping things in place. I'll do a few more things, but most of it's done.


Still absorbing (coming to terms, getting used to...) the City of Hope news. I have a bit of reading to do on post transplant procedures. That is what I am mostly concerned with.

Up to the point of coming home, things are pretty much taken care of for me. One way to do it, no deviations.

Coming home will be relative anarchy. Such basics as food, air, and water will be my biggest worries. I am not used to living "super clean". I actually like having a bit of dirt (or paint, or sawdust) under my fingernails. It's manly! I even encourage the girls to get dirty, digging in their part of the garden.

Not for a while. How long? I need to figure that out, because late summer-fall is the time to start working on the garden.


Caitlyn is now a woodworker! Just ask her. She helped me put together her new computer desk from Ikea. She used the hammer, screw driver, and the power drill!

Gotta say, she has skills. More than some folks I know. If I can only get her to follow directions better, she could go pro.


Gotta go, lots of little projects to do today.

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