Some Kaiser Konfusion...

Today was spent on the phone or waiting for phone calls. That's OK, yesterday was busy, and I needed some rest.

Today's question was about my back. Specifically, my 5th lumbar. That's the one that has collapsed, starting the chain of events that has led us to this point. This cancer robbed my spine of it's calcium, thus making it brittle, mushy, and full of holes. One of the tests I took for the Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) showed that bad vertebrae.

The BMT team up in LA was not happy. Not at all. They called me to get the story. I told them that DR. So (yes, that is his name) said it was OK... in fact I go to Disneyland (AHHHH!) and do some rides (NOT THE TEA CUPS!) and in fact I don't have my brace on right now (CALL 911, THIS GUY IS GONNA CRIPPLE HIMSELF!).

Sheesh, I have a mom, wife, grandma, aunt, and now a BMT coordinator that watches over my behavior.

Cancer sucks.

After a better part of the day being eaten up with this back and fourth, they did get to talk to Dr. So, who calmed them down, and they are happy again.

Some of my appointments have moved around, so if you need an updated calender, let me know.

I'm tired, I'll take a nap...

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