On the slippery slope to recovery

Well, I had my Cytoxin today. Six uneventful hours. I was expecting more discomfort, but I seem OK at the moment.

Now that I jinxed myself, let me tell you what I was expecting.

I was expecting to be bent over, puking my guts out, while my hair was falling like snow in Alaska. Has not happened yet.


They gave me 2 drugs, in 3 forms, to help with nausia. Gave me one while I was hooked up to the Cytoxin, 2 different pills, and one supository (in case I really can't keep it down).

They were nice, gave me my Heparin dose, changed my bandages, and sent me home with another grocery bag of drugs, needles, and other supplies.

I start Nupagen shots tomorrow, and then the fun really starts.

Gotta fix dinner, more later.

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