I'm doing well, thank you!

Well, two days after my "jolt" chemo, I am doing well. A lot better than I thought. Probably a lot better than I deserve!

No puking, no nausea, just a bit sleepy.

Sorry folks, I am just boring at the moment. Drowsy, dopey, and boring, is that to be my epitaph?

I am slowly coming to grips with the enormity of what I am to go through. Still awe inspiring as to what I have, how I have it, and what is being done. I am especially awed at the speed as to which I am being treated. Despite all the gripes folks have about Kaiser (and I have a few too), when the ball rolls, it rolls. I may never beat this, but I sure have a chance at kicking it down the road a few more years.

A few quick observations:
  • The City of Hope folks are almost to a person happy to be there. When I was pre-op, I noticed that they all were happy, smiling and somewhat jovial. And this was on a Friday! Yea, it could have been payday, but I think that you can't fake what I saw. Just the unguarded interaction between colleges was enough to convince me that this was the place to be.
  • The nurses at Kaiser really do care, but they have a much harder task at hand. They see the same folks come in for treatment, and see them slowly decline. It has to be rough. My chemo nurse was very nice, changed my dressing, and gave me a heparin shot. She didn't have to do that, but she cared.
  • Doctors are good, but the nurses and front line people are the greatest.
That's enough for today, tonight I get to make Kristin's day by being her injection target (ouch!).

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