I'm still here!

No, I have not abandoned the blogisphere. I just have not felt much like blogging. Yes, there have been things happening, but nothing "wow".

Kaiser has been bouncing appointments around like a spazmatic Jack Russel terrier on caffeine. I was supposed to see a neurologist (to calm Kaiser Sunset's fear of my back folding in half) to re-affirm that I can walk. That was moved to next monday. Then it was moved to this wednesday. See what I mean?

I did get to go to the OC Flyers game on Saturday. It was a double header, got there at 7, which is when the second game was to start, but the first game was still going (6th inning). Flyers won, then a 45 minute break, then the second game. Left early, because the girls were tired by 9:45. My great friedns Mike and Gary were there, though I missed Lou (he probably showed up after I left).

Kristin's computer finaly died last week, so we orderd her a new one. Bottom of the like Dell small business Vostro. Came with a monitor (bigger than mine!), Vista Home, and a small(er) harddrive. Works fine. I have been busy setting up all the programs (Firefox, Thunderbird, AVG...). The jury is still out on Vista. It works, a pain in the a** installing programs, but after that, it's OK.

Wednesday had the class at COH for the Hickman Catheter. Joy. It gets installed this Friday. Then things start happening. Self administerd shots, catheter upkeep, chemo jolts, stem cell harvesting, more chemo, then isolation.

Kristin got a sparkle in her eye when they showed us how to inject the Nupigen drug into my thigh. I didn't tell her that my thigh is still numb (probably will be for the rest of my life) from the nerve dammage inflicted on my L5 vertibre.
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