Today's Oncology Appointment

Well, Dr. Lee chewed on me again for moving furniture. My bones were severely compromised by the Myloma, and I am as fragile as a baby bird.

Sheesh, I don't know how long I can go babying myself. Never had to do it in the past, not use to it now, hope I can get back to normal in the future.

On the good side, all my blood tests are good, and I responded well to the Revlimid and radiation treatments.

Today I didn't take my morphine, and I feel fine. I think I will stay off it for now. No pain, all gain.

Dr. Lee wants me to drop down to 200 pounds, which may be possible, but too skinny. We compromised by having me drop 10 pounds (down to 230) and let the other 5-10 pounds drop during the stem cell transplant.

At the moment, I am in remission.

Won't last long, but I am almost normal. Weak bones, but normal.

Well, I better let my bones strengthen with a long nap...

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