It starts tomorow...

Tomorrow I go to the City of Hope and get my Hickman Catheter surgically inserted. I will be under general anesthesia for a short time. When I awake, I will have a tube dangling from my chest.


Monday is when I get my "mild" jolt of chemo. 30 minutes of Cytoxan chemo should keep me puking for two days.


Then Tuesday, Kristin starts injecting me with Neupogen. She got that special sparkle in her eye when she saw the needle, and found out that I need 2 shots a day. She giggled the rest of the class.


Collection of the stem cells begin on September 3, lasting (hopefully) just 3 days. Then I get a rest.

I should be admitted on the 12th of September, but Meyloma patients are lower on the list of urgency, so it may be later.

Blogging may be lighter for the next few days, depending on how I realy feel.

Have fun, I am...

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