Sunflowers and Crazy cats

I just returned from the back yard, checking up on my sunflowers and such. This is the time of year when things get scorched, so I am trying to pay attention.

Guess who watched me the whole time? "Big orange fluffy cat" is the neighbor's cat, who likes it here much better than his own house. He proves it by strolling through the house when I have the doors open, squatting on the fence, and watching me do garden chores. This is such his territory that, today, he perched up on the picnic table and didn't move.

Caitlyn made a shopping list, which included:
  • lunch
  • a blue chair
  • a dog to chase the cat
  • dinner at Rubies
What a kid.

Anyway, the sunflowers finally came in, and have started to bloom. These were from seeds from last year, smashed up flower heads, scratched into the ground. I may be a proud gardener, but I am lousy with seeds. Not a bad crop so far. The flowers down below are a bit parched, so I will run the sprinklers for a while.

Heh, that will teach that cat...

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