Today so far...

When Kaiser gets things rolling, they roll.

The road to transplant is filled with tests. And needles.

Had 17 X-rays done today (chest and body survey) at the Lakeview facility.

While waiting, I made the appointment for my pulmonary test, got it at 4:45. A bit late, but it worked. While leaving X-ray, they called and asked if I could go up right away, so >BAM<, there I am huffing an puffing into a Rube Goldberg machine. It seems that they just can't go a day without poking me for blood, this time to check my blood gas levels. I knew I had gas, but in the blood? Now I have a good excuse!

Now, after a healthy lunch of hot dogs and Caitlyn's lemonade, I am off to physical therapy.

If they whip out a needle, I am so out of there...

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